HALAL certification in Moldova

 HALAL certification


Sisteme Management Certification




Why H​​​​​ALAL certification
  • Enhans your export to Muslim countries with ease
  • Halal certified products enable your company to charge reasonable premiums
  • Grow your company brand as an international value proposition in global Halal industry
  • Avoind losing muslim consumers
  • Showcase your institution,s capabilities and engage in hight value partnerships and secure lucrative business deals
  • Take competitive advantage over your competitors by entering into new markets
  • Benefit from untapped market potential of about 2 billion muslim population in the area of Halal Food and Non-food Products and Services. Also expand your business to 5 billion non-Muslims who are interested in quality and healthy food
ISO 9001: 2015 Certification
  • ensuring confidence that certified products meet quality requirements
  • continuous product improvement;
  • identification of manufacturing deficiencies;
  • analysis of product characteristics in relation to safety, health, the environment, at all stages of the product life cycle;
  • rationalization of the price / quality ratio;
  • Increased efficiency through improved processes;
  • customer satisfaction;
  • Increase competitiveness;
  • increasing the confidence and quality of products / services;
  • a better understanding of the organization's processes, a clear definition of responsibilities and authorities, improved internal and external communication, more efficient use of resources and reduced costs for eliminating nonconformities;
  • increase customer satisfaction, etc.


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