World Quality Day and European Quality Week

According to the UN decision of 1990, every second Thursday of November is celebrated "World Quality Day" and the second week of November is celebrated as "European Quality Week" in the member countries of the European Quality Organization. (EOQ).

The statement of the TSE President, Dr. Adem Shahin, on World Quality Day and European Quality Week was as follows:

A cloud of dynamic economic and social structure, which increases the competitiveness of our country in the international arena, depends on the high quality products, goods and services according to the implemented standards.

All of this requires our efforts to expand and develop the infrastructure in our country, to do everything possible to ensure competition and get maximum benefit from the products or services that have received our requirements.

TSE is successfully conducting its research in the field of quality and therefore making decisions in accordance with our national interests.

TSE performance in accordance with international standards.

Starting with a.1976, our institute has turned 43 years in the European Organization for Quality (EOQ). EOQ, with over 70,000 members and 500,000 companies, supports the European community.

During the EOQ membership, TSE organized many congresses, participated actively in its activities and contributed to the development of quality infrastructure in Turkey and Europe through the development of new projects.

"Quality as a competitive advantage"

Considering that quality is the key to development, and TSE is the key to quality, our Institute tends to disseminate information on the quality of our country in all fields of activity and its services for 65 years, as well as to form the concept of society, producing quality and quality of life.