Halal certification in Baku

On October 9 - 10, 2019, in the city of Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan, a new certification body for Halal products - "Intersert Adjustment Services" Inc. was presented. "Intersert AS" is a joint venture from three countries - Azerbaijan, Turkey and Moldova, forming and participating in the organization "AZESERT" AO, AO "ICAS" and "Intertehtest" SRL.
The main objective of the certification body is to implement international standards in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as to increase the competitiveness of the country's economy. 

The event was attended by:
- Deputy Minister of Industry and Technologies of the Republic of Turkey - Hassan Buyukada,
- Turkish Standardization Institute (TSE) - Adam Shahin,
- ICAS director - Ergin Hakan,
- Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Niyazi Safarov,
- Deputy Director of the Accreditation Center of Azerbaijan - Ruslan Omarov,
- the director of the "Azesert" Certification Center - Teymuraz Askerov,
- Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan - Erkan Ozoral,
businessmen from the Republic of Turkey.